Circuit Zolder
Terlaemen 30
3550 Heusden Zolder

Tel: + 32 (0)11 250569     Fax: +32 (0)11 252144

Track length: 2.606 miles

Track located six mile north of Hasselt and 35 miles east of Brussels.

Going into the 1950s, local bike racers used the streets of the village of Zolder for racing, starting and finishing outside the local church. This eventually came to an end well before the permanent track was built.

The track was first used in 1965, and was 2.601 miles long. A chicane was put behind the pits for 1973, extending the track length to 2.622 miles, and in 1975 the set of esses before the pits were tightened, extending the length again to 2.648 miles. After Gilles Villeneuve fatally crashed at Terlamenbocht, a third chicane was built. These chicanes were reprofiled during the winter of 2005/06, and by 2009 the loop by Kanaalbocht had also been changed. The modified track map is shown below.