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Circuit Park Zandvoort
PO Box 132 2040
AC Zandvoort

Tel: (31) (0)23 5740740     Fax: (31) (0)23 5740741

The circuit to the left was first used in 1939, and was around the streets of Zandvoort itself, and was partly a promotional tool to gain acceptance for a permanent circuit. This permanent circuit (located to the right of the 1939 circuit behind the dunes) was first used in 1948, and was designed using the advice of 1928 Le Mans winner Sammy Davis, using the communications road left behind by the departing German army after World War II. Once the F1 circus left in 1985, the circuit went bankrupt, and it was subsequently taken over by the town council in 1988. Noise pollution laws forced the shortening of the circuit from 2.642 miles to 1.565 miles, and a man-made sand dune was placed between the circuit and the town to reduce noise. During 1998, an extension was built, lengthening the circuit to 2.650 miles (4250 m) for the start of the 1999 season.

With the success of Max Verstappen at Red Bull, an attempt was made to bring F1 back to the track for 2020, and the track was modified to a design by Jarno Zuffelli - Bos Uit was renamed Arie Luyendijk Bocht and was banked up to 18 degrees, the exit of Gerlachtbocht was widened, as was Hugenholzbocht (which was also progressively banked up to 19 degrees), and Hans Ernst Bocht (previously Nissanbocht) had the second part of the chicane shortened and widened, resulting in a 4259m track length. The 2020 F1 race was abandoned due to Covid 19, but took place on the 5th September 2021.

How To Get There

By Road:- Head towards the Amsterdam area (E19 from the south). Zandvoort is on the coast, approximately 25km west of Amsterdam. Pick up the N208 and then either the N200 or N201 to the town. The circuit is then signposted.

By Rail:- Trains operate regularly from Amsterdam Centraal Station to Zandvoort. On leaving the station, turn right and follow the road (van Speijkstraat) to the end and then turn left (onto van Lennepweg), and first right (by Texaco Garage) onto Burg van Alphenstraat. Past the end of the park on your right is the circuit entrance.

Where To Stay

Interlaken, 20 van Speijkstraat. Tel: 023 571-2966. Fax: 023 571-2966.
Esplanade, 2 Badhuisplein. Tel: 023 571-2073. Fax: 023 571-2073.
Amare, 70 Hogeweg. Tel: 023 571-2202. Fax: 023 571-4374.
Faber, 15 Kostverlorenstraat. Tel: 023 571-2825. Fax: 023 571-6886.
Bad Zandvoort, 23 Thorbeckestraat. Tel: 023 571-3520. Fax: 023 571-7934.

Tip: at the bigger meetings drivers and team members head for the Bastille Bar.

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