Willow Springs Raceway

Track address:

Willow Springs Raceway
Rosamond, CA

Tel: 805-256-2471

Willow Springs Raceway is a complex which includes a 2.5 mile, 9 turn road course, a distinct, tighter handling course ("The Streets of Willow Springs"), an oval track, and a dirt track. Willow Springs is located near Rosamond, California.

"The Streets of Willow Springs" may be used in two different configurations, an 8 turn course with no straights and an 11 turn course with one straight. In 1978 it was also used in the opposite direction, but this experiment was not repeated.

Where To Stay


Devonshire Inn, 2076 Rosamond Blvd, Rosamond CA 93560. Tel: 805 256-3454.

1988 layout - includes the "Streets of Willow Springs" and oval to the top right.