Located 2 miles South of Bristol city centre.

Prior to World war II Whitchurch was the Bristol Airport. During the war it was taken over by the Air Ministry, but post war it resumed activities as a commercial airfield until 1957 when Bristol Airport transferred to Lulsgate.

In 1959 Bristol City Council Entertainments Dept held the annual Goram Fair on the Whitchurch Aerodrome site. As part of the festivities, on 1 August 1959 Bristol Motor Cycle & Light Car Club ran a National British status car race meeting. The course was 1.0625 miles long, almost flat, & rectangular in shape with four corners known as Dundry, Hangar, Knowle, & Goram. The main race (Formula 2) was won by Henry Taylor (Cooper) 66.03 mph.

In a day of in changeable weather conditions the fastest lap was set in the F3 race by Don Pitcher (Cooper 500 ) at 72.17mph. The following weekend, 8 August 1959, the Bristol Motor Cycle Club held a motor-cycle race meeting. No further meetings were held at Whitchurch, now known as Hengrove Park.

Race results for both meetings

1 August 1959

500cc Single Seaters
1 P.Robinson            Stuart-Cooper           68.98mph
2 J.Pitcher             Beart-Cooper
3 Don Parker            Cooper
Fastest Lap: Pitcher, 72.17mph

Grand Touring Cars
1 E.Searle              AC Bristol              57.9 mph
2 T.G.Cunane            AC Bristol
3 J.McKechnie           AC Bristol
Fastest Lap: Cunane, 59.4 mph

Sports Cars up to 1500cc
1 E.J.Greenall          Lotus                   
2 I.E.Raby              Cooper
3 K.A.Greene            Lotus
Fastest Lap: E.J.Greenall, 67.34mph

Sports Cars over 1500cc
1 David Piper           Lotus                   67.9 mph
2 J.F.Dalton            Aston Martin
3 Maurice Charles       Jaguar
Fastest Lap: Piper, 70.83mph

Production Saloons
1 D.Parker              Jensen                  59.39 mph
2 J.M.Noble             Austin A40
3 D.Clarke              Austin
Fastest Lap: Parker, 61.69mph

8 August 1959 - Motorcycles

1 D.F.Shorey            M.V.                    59.84 mph
2 A.Dugdale             Ducati                  57.55
3 E.L.Griffiths         M.V.                    57.53
Fastest Lap: Shorey, 61.68mph

1 D.F.Shorey            Norrel                  61.84 mph
2 T.Thorpe              TTS                     61.54
3 J.L.Payne             REG                     60.77
Fastest Lap: Shorey, 65.33mph

1 P.W.Read              Norton                  66.92 mph
2 J.L.Payne             Norton                  66.47
3 D.F.Shorey            Norton                  66.35
Fastest Lap: Read, 69.25mph

1 P.W.Read              Norton                  69.24 mph
2 T.Thorpe              Norton                  69.03
3 J.N.P.Wright          Norton                  67.36
Fastest Lap: Read, 72.07mph

Sidecar Scratch Race
1 R.A.Robinson          Vincent                 64.91 mph
2 E.T.Young             ETYV                    63.70
3 T.P.Folwell           Norton                  62.95
Fastest Lap: Robinson, 67.00mph

1st Sidecar Handicap (Fastest 7 riders)
1 T.P.Folwell           Norton                  63.29 mph
2 M.J.Candy             Norton                  60.75
3 R.A.Robinson          Vincent                 65.39
Fastest Lap: Robinson, 68.55mph

2nd Sidecar Handicap (Slowest 7 riders)
1 J.Difazio             BSA                     59.51 mph
2 B.G.Gross             Norton                  62.38
3 M.J.Candy             Norton                  60.79

Bristol Evening Post/News of the West, 4th August 1959
Bristol Evening Post, 10th August 1959

On 22 May 1937 the Bristol MC&LCC ran one-off Speed Trials on the approach road to Bristol Airport, then at Whitchurch on the southern outskirts of the city. The 17 foot wide course was 750 yards long with a slight right followed by a long left hand bend.