Viking Motor Park

The original idea, in January 1997, was to build a track at Hallstammar, but this was abandoned. The new track, designed by Tom Barnard of International Circuit Designs, Viking Motor Park is located in Enköping, just outside of Stockholm, and was approved in May 2000. The first proposal, shown above, featured a 1.5 mile/2.4 kilometer oval, a 3.0 mile/4.8 kilometer road circuit and a drag racing strip. However, the design underwent revision in October 2002 on the advice of some Americans, and the different variants are shown below.

Shown is the 3/4 mile oval, and the 1.66 mile/2.670 km national circuit.

The International Circuit, 2.7 miles/4.300 km long.

The Driving School Circuit (top) - 1.1 miles/1.760 km or 1.28 miles/2.060 km. The Club Circuit (bottom) - 1.33 miles/2.140 km.