Virginia International Raceway

Click here for a map of the old circuit.

Track Length: 3.27 mile full course
              2.25 mile north course
              1.60 mile south course

Virginia International Raceway is located 12 miles east of Danville, VA, and close to Milton, NC. It features a 4000 ft back straight and a 3000 ft long straight, and varies in height by 150 ft. The north course consists of 19 corners, the north course 15 corners, and the south course 8 corners, with widths varying between 30 and 36 feet.


The circuit was designed and constructed in 1956 by Sports Car Enterprises, and was opened for racing in August 1957, but was subsequently closed after its last race on 13 October 1974. It was used as cow pasture for 24 years until it was cleared and repaved for a new track opening around 2000.