Circuito de la Comunidad Valenciana Ricardo Tormo

Track length: 4.050km.

Built in 1999 and designed by Antonio Risueño Galindo, this track can be split into two independent tracks, the 3.100km exterior circuit and the 1.300km school circuit. The circuit varies between 11.50m and 12.50m wide, and has a main straight which is 816m long. There are 18 corners in the main circuit, 8 right hand corners and 10 left hand corners. The corners have a maximum banking of 7%.

The circuit had only been opened for a couple of years when it was decided that overtaking was too difficult. A 400 metre extension and reconfiguration were planned for the end of 2004, and the new track is shown above, overlaid on the old circuit. It wasn't built.

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