Middle Georgia Raceway

The track first opened in the 1920s as a one mile dirt oval, closing in 1939 for the duration of the war. It reopened in 1947 as a 1/2 mile (0.5479 miles to be exact) dirt oval (when it was known as Macon Speedway and Macon Fairgrounds Speedway). It ran a NASCAR GN race in 1951, and was also known as Georgia Speedway and Central City Park Speedway. The circuit ran as late as 1988, and was to be built on in 2007 for housing.

In 1968 government agents raided the track as part of an investigation into illegal liquor manufacturing - a secret door located in the ticket booth led to a ladder which went down 35 feet to another hidden door. This door lef to a 150 foot tunnel, which ended at a cave beneath the infield of the circuit in which was a large moonshine still. The track was shut down and the owner was sent to jail.