Hanford Motor Speedway

Also known as Marchbanks Speedway after owner Bonnie Marchbanks when it opened in 1951 as a 5/8 mile tri-oval. A 1.3 mile tri-oval was opened on the site in 1959 which shared turn 1 with the smaller track. The first turn was banked at over 30 degrees at the top, but the banking was so steep that oiled dirt was used as the surface at the top as the paving machines couldn't get up so high. The track stayed open until 1969, and during the last two years the people that owned Riverside operated the track. They knocked down the first turn, straightened the front straight and built a new turn one with about 25 degrees of banking - this lengthened the track to 1.4 miles, although the track was generally quoted as being 1.5 miles.