Bakersfield Fairgrounds

Located on the old Kern County Fairgrounds (above), the Bakersfield Fairgrounds circuit was originally a 1 mile dirt oval which opened in 1913. It was used continuously through to 1925, and again from 1930-32. It hosted a 1/2 mile dirt oval in 1931, 1932 and 1945.

The Bakersfield Speedway, a 1/4 mile dirt oval opened in Bakersfield in 1946 (it was also known as the Oil Bowl Speedway, and the Oildale Speedway). The circuit was paved in 1947, turned into a dirt oval in 1948, paved for 1949, and turned into a dirt oval again in 1950. It stayed in this confiugartion until 1959, when it was paved again. Over the years, the track was also known as the Bakersfield Speed Bowl, the Bakersfield Thunder Bowl, the Hawk Brothers Speedway (when owned by brothers Bob and Howard Hawk), and the Bakersfield Stadium.

The Bakersfield Speedway reverted to being a dirt oval in 1980, and was enlarged to a 1/3 mile dirt oval in 1992. It is still used today.