Surfer's Paradise

Original circuit layout.

2010 circuit.

Indycar Grand Prix
PO Box 567
Surfer's Paradise
QLD 4217

Tel: (61) 75708888     Fax: (61) 75316611

Original Circuit Length: 2.777 miles/4.498 km
2010 Variant Length: 1.839 miles

This circuit was inaugurated in 1991, and was shortened in 2010.

Originally built by Keith Williams in 1965 and called Surfers Paradise International Raceway, the track opened on 22nd May 1966 (although a club meeting had been held earlier to sort out any teething problems). As Surfers Paradise boomed and property prises rose, the circuit was eventually purchased specifically to close it down, and it held its last meeting on 16th August 1987.