Built in 2005/2006, the above Grand Prix circuit is 4455m long, one of several variants which are shown below. The circuit is built to FIA standards to allow for F1 testing. The legend for the above map is as follows:-

1. Circuit entrance.
2. Control tower.
3. Pit Complex and hospitality.
4. Town area.
5. Industrial area.
6. Hospital and helipad.
7. VIP Helipad.
8. Fuel depot and car-wash.
9. School circuit 1/learner driving area.
10. Urban circuit.
11. Dynamic platform - skid-pan area.
12. Principal Paddock.
13. Secondary Paddock.
14. Paddock motorhomes VIP.
15. Pit lane GP Circuit.
16. Pit lane Racing School Circuit 1.
17. Pit lane Racing School Circuit 2.
18. Gate 1.
19. Gate 2.
20. Gate 3.

The circuit can be reached via the motorway A49/E1 from Seville to Portugal on exit 48. It is 48 km from Seville, and 100 km from Portugal (around 80 minutes from Faro airport).

Track Variants