Sheepshead Bay Speedway

A 2.0 mile wooden oval built by Blaine Miller, operational between the 9th October 1915 and the 20th September 1919 and with 17 degree banked bends. It was planned to be built of either brick or concrete, but due to the success of Chicago Speedway it was built of wood instead. Two drivers were killed at the track: Harry Grant during a practice run in October 1915, and Carl Limberg on the 13th May 1916. The track later made way for a housing development.

Pre-dating this at a slightly different site was a one mile dirt oval also called Sheepshead Bay Speedway, which started life as a horse track in 1879. It was used from 1902-1904, and again in 1910 for auto racing.

The above map shows both of the tracks, highlighted with grey.