Old Track. Click here for another map of the old track.

New Track

Originally a 16.08km track, the Schottenring is located near Schotten, in the state of Hessen to the north of Frankfurt am Main. The first race was held on September 12th, 1925, running through the villages of Schotten, Rudingshain and Götzen.

Before 1937 only motorbike races were held, and by 1949 sportscar and race car races were being held. In 1953 the track held the Großer Preis von Deutschland World Championship race for motorbikes, but the Le Mans disaster of 1955 saw the last Rund um Schotten road racing event.

Between 1968 and 1983, the circuit hosted motorbike regularity tests and the occasional rally and hillclimb. In 1983 all race events were halted, and plans were put forward to build a Grand Prix track - these were abandoned after environmentalist pressures.

The organising club of the Schottenring hosted events at Hockenheim during the next few years, but in 1989 the Schottenring Grand Prix was re-born as a historic event on a much short track shown above. The old track can now be driven as it is public road.