Hutchinson Island Circuit

1.965 mile road course in the Savannah River directly across from Savannah's riverwalk. It was put together in 1999 (or thereabouts) from access roads around the new Westin Hotel, golf course, and Convention Center. This track was used just once, for an Indy Lights race - which lost a ton of money, which is probably why it's never been used since.

The Grand Prize Races

The Savannah Grand Prize Races were run on a network of fairly rural streets and roads south and east of what was in the early 1900's the city of Savannah. The original circuit, used for the 1908 American Grand Prize, was 25 miles long and prepared using convict labour. The city has grown quite extensively since then, and has incorporated most of the area incorporating the various iterations of the Grand Prize course within the city limits. Part of the track is in a separate town named "Thunderbolt" that was incorporated quite a while after the last Grand Prize was run, but with a little effort, the original track configurations can still be followed on the modern (and now paved!) streets and roads of Savannah and Thunderbolt.

Savannah Oval

A one mile dirt oval was used once on the 23rd February 1904.