Track address:
Carretera Saltillo-Monterey Km 18 Saltillo
Tel: (52) 84 165390
Fax: (52) 84 168780

Office address:
Av.Séptima No.429
Col.Nazario Ortiz
25100 Saltillo
Tel: (52) (0184) 163311
Fax: (52) (0184) 163371

Altitude: 1600m
THE TRACK: It is a 2.3 kilometer road racing circuit with four left hand turns and three right handers. Coming down the .75 km straight, turn one is a high speed left hander, taking the apex at 100+ mph, in from a 135top speed in an F3 car; the kink leads into a short straight and a tight left hand hairpin, on to another short straight and two chicanes connected by a 300meter straight, uphill after the second chicane, you come into a downhill lefthander with a constand radius, then a brief right into the main straight, this part is referred to as the light bulb for the shape it forms. There are instalations that include a 300x30meter wide hot pit area with paddock good for 30 trailers, seating for 3,500 hundred spectators on grandstands and 30,000 + seating capacity in man made banking. The track has been approved by the SCCA, IMSA and meets the FIA's safety standards as per the SCCA and IMSA homologation stds.

Saltillo is 3 hrs away from the U.S. and connected through a new two lane highway that connects Laredo-Monterrey and Saltillo. There is an international airport and first rate accomodations. The track is at an altitude of 1600m above sea level.