Rouen Les Essarts

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Circuit Rouen Les Essarts
ASAC Normand
46 Rue General Giraud
Rouen F-76000

Tel: +35 714983/35719520     Fax: +35 152052

Track Length: 3.444 miles.

Located: 8 miles SW of Rouen.

The circuit was proposed at the AGM of the Automobile Club Normand in September 1949, with construction started in spring 1950 - the Chemin de l'Etoile was widened to 7m, and concrete was laid to make a 3.169 mile circuit. It was modernised as early as 1952, with the addition of new pits, grandstand and wider track. It was also extended in 1955 to 4.065 miles, and remained unchanged in length until 1972, although chicanes were built at Virage Gresil and Virage de la Scierie in 1971. In 1972 a new pits and new track section had to be built when a new motorway was opened over part of the previous circuit. A permanent chicane was added in 1974.

Once the old Rouen track had been abandoned, there were plans for a new track to be built in 1987. It was a two stage plan, with a 2.7 km track being built first, followed by a 4.5 km track. Neither version was built.