First used in summer 1984, it was extended for 1985 (the green lines on the map above. It was based along the Via Cristoforo Colombo (see the map below). The corner names were as follows:

1) Chicane Nuovolari (Nuvolari chicane)
2) Chicane Palasport (sport palace chicane)
3) Tornante delle ville (mansions hairpin)
4) Variante Nervi (Nervi chicane)
5) Rettilineo Box (Box straight)
6) Curva del fungo (mushroom corner)
7) Chicane della discesa (slope chicane)
8) Curvone del laghetto (small lake corner)
9) Curva delle Poste (Mail Corner - in front of the Mail and Telecommunication Ministry)
10) Curva Europa (Europe Corner)
11) Curvone dell'obelisco (Obelisk corner)
12) Curva dei pini (pines corner)
13) Variante del parcheggio (parking chicane)
14) Curva delle Finanze (Finance corner - it is in front of the Finance Ministry)
15) Curva del lago (lake corner)