Rockingham Motor Speedway

Original proposal:-

Oval for 2001:-



Track Length: 1.500 miles (Oval), 2.237 miles (GP Track)
              2.414 km            3.6 km

Turns 1, 3 and 4 of Oval are banked at 9 degrees, Turn 2 at 5 degrees.

Also includes a 500m short oval and a 1.100km kart track.

The inaugural race meeting was the Coys Historic Festival, which opened on the 26th May 2001 (although a closed club meeting had been held in the previous couple of weeks in order to iron out any problems). The track was sold in mid-2018, with racing ceasing at the end of the year.

2.246 mile Historic track

International Circut

The corners of this circuit were named in May 2002. Starting at the start/finishing line (going anti-clockwise), the turn names are:-
Pif Paf
Short link
Steel Straight
Tarzan (the hairpin)
School Straight
Turn 4 (back on the oval
Note that the historic circuit goes right at the Deene hairpin, going to Kirby corner before rejoining the Steel Straight.

"Link" Circuit

In 2006 a new variant was used, the 1.949 International Super Sports Car circuit. It largely follows the existing international circuit, but uses the reprofiled Bike Link onto Turn 4 to allow the cars the miss the Turn 1 chicane.