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First used in 1925, it was a 4.865 mile road course west of Reims at the villages of Thillois and Gueux (hence the track was also known as the Circuit de Gueux). In order to make the circuit faster, the organizers cut down trees and demolished houses in order to ease the corners. New sections of permanent circuit were built, but financial and political problems forced the circuit to close in 1970. Parts of the permanent track can still be found, and on the D27 the control tower and pits are still in existance.
On the 2nd August 1925, a second track in Reims was used. The Circuit de la Marne race was held on the Circuit de Beine-Nauroy, a 22 km circuit between the villages of Beine and Nauroy.
At the end of 2005, plans were announced for a new circuit to be built around Reims-Gueux for 2008 by Jacques Jacquet. The aim was to keep the 1960s granstand and pits, and build new facilities around them.