This 6.761 km road circuit, also known as the "Kalevi Circuit" and located 6 km north-east of Talinn, was first used in 1933 for a TT motorbike race. Only about 2/3rds of the narrow roads were tarmac, the rest being made of sand. For 1934, two classes for cars were added, Ferrier(GB) winning one with a Singer and Hans Tael (EST) with a Chevrolet taking the other. In 1935 Estonian GP racing reached its zenith as the best Finnish drivers and cars took part, Ebb taking the victory with his big Mercedes-Benz SSK. Only 6 drivers turned up for the 1936 race, Patama (Ford) winning from Hallman and Alm. The 1937 event was for motorcycles only, and the circuit closed in 1939.

The track re-opened in 1959 as a 8.566 km circuit, and for 1962 it was lengthened to 8.648 km for motorbike and car racing. In 1965 the circuit was rebuilt and reduced in length to 6.026 km. It was the site of Joey Dunlop's fatal accident in 2000.