Phillip Island

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Phillip Island Motorsports Pty
RMB 500 GP
3922 Victoria

Tel: (61) 59522710     Fax: (61) 50523160

Length: 4.45 km/2.762 miles

This circuit opened on the 15th December 1956 after the Phillip Island Auto Racing Club was formed in 1951 with the aim of constructing a permanent motor racing facility at the pre-war Australian GP venue.

This 10.4 km rectangular circuit on Phillip Island was used on the 31st March 1928 to host the first Australian Grand Prix, and was used annually through to 1935. It was also used by motorcyclists to hold a TT race, but this was a long 12 mile variant which went straight on to Rhyll at Jackson's Corner and rejoined the circuit at Gentle Anne Corner. After 1935, the Grand Prix moved to other venues, and a 3.3 mile mostly triangular circuit was used (the top of the above map) for club racing. This circuit was used until 1940.