The Pedralbes circuit came into being on the occasion of the VIII Grand Premium organised by the Penya Rhin in 1947. With an initial length of 4.465 km (2.774 miles), it included the triangle formed by Diagonal Avenue (although this was called Avenida del Generalisimo Franco at the time), Esplugues Street and Pedralbes Avenue (for the names at the time, see the map); the boxes and the main tribunes were situated in Diagonal Avenue that consisted of a straight of 1.3 km. The possibility of the race being included in the World Championship was the reason for the circuit being extended to 6.316 km (3.925 miles), with a straight of 2 km. in 1950. The new stretch incorporated Passeig Manuel Girona and a section of Numāncia Street.

In that year, the BRM and Ferrari reached top speeds of 280 km./h., turning Pedralbes into the fastest urban circuit in the world. The track was extended to 6.333 km for the 1954 GP (3.936 miles). In 1955, the serious sportscar accident at Le Mans resulted in a large number of races being cancelled, among them the Spanish Grand Prix. This was the death blow to the Pedralbes circuit.