Old Österreichring Track Map

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Originally built in 1969, and was 3.673 miles. Following Mark Donohue's fatal accident, the Hella Licht S was tightened (3.672 miles) in 1976, before a full chicane was installed in 1987 (3.692 miles). After the 1987 Grand Prix was stopped twice after startline accidents, no further GPs took place. In 1996 the circuit was reprofiled into the circuit shown above, and was renamed the A1-Ring, a 2.683 mile/4.319 km circuit.

The A1-Ring corners are named as follows:-
1) Castrol kurve
2) Remus kurve
3) Grosser kurve
4) Niki Lauda kurve
5) Power Horse kurve
6) Jochen Rindt kurve
7) Mobilkom kurve

The grand prix was dropped for 2004, and the circuit was purchased by Dietrich Mateschitz and his Red Bull group, who planned to reprofile the circuit and develop of multi-purpose "leisure destination" focussed on motorsport. Local objections were raised, and planning permission was denied. The project was abandoned in January 2005.