Oran Park

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Oran Park Motorsport
PO Box 28
New South Wales 2567

Tel: (61) 46461004     Fax: (61) 46461674

Circuit Length: Grand Prix: 2.62km
                South Circuit: 1.96km

The original 1.0 mile was opened in 1962 and was founded by the Singer Car Club (on the map above, the track turned right instead of going left over the bridge, and the 3rd 110kph corner on the far left didn't extend quite so far left). It was first extended to 1.21 miles (the left most corner became as shown on the map), and then to 1.63 miles with the addition of the bridge and loop. The track was sold to housing developers in 2008, and closed after hosting its last meeting at the end of August 2009.