Ontario Motor Speedway

The City of Ontario sold the track land to Chevron Oil Company for $10 million and then spend $3 million to raze the property. So, the track is no more. Completely demolished. All that remains of the structure is part of the grandstands the other day, but that's all there is.

Very sad really, it was state of the art. Typical governmental types. They just didn't have a profit incentive to keep it booked up and to make it pay for itself. The city taxpayers took a huge loss on the whole project. Perhaps several hundred million dollars. They mayor and city council don't care however, not their paychecks.

Thanks to Gabriel Field for this information

Built at a reported cost of $25.5 million in 1970 40 miles east of Los Angeles, it held Indycar races between 1970 and 1980, and an F1/F5000 challenge in 1971 (won by Mario Andretti in a Ferrari 312B). The F1 race used the 3.194 mile GP circuit, but the 2.5 mile Oval was used for Indycars. As the California 500, it held the first 500 mile Indycar race outside of Indiana. The track closed in 1981 due to a lack of finance.

Lap Record (GP): Jackie Stewart (Tyrrell 001-Ford), 1m41.227, 113.590mph, 1971
Lap Record (Oval): Rick Mears (Penske PC7-Chevrolet), 44.325s, 203.046mph, 1979