Automotoklub Banske Stavby Most
Gottwaldova 2957 434 93 Most
Czech Republic

Tel: (42) 796906

Track length: 2.577 miles/4.14824 km
              1.445 miles/2.32460 km (Short Course)

The ideal line for the track is 4.13580 km long (2.30310 km for the short course), with the longest straight being 839.48m long and the shortest 150m. The track is between 12 and 14 metres wide, with 20 corners comprised of 11 right and 9 left turns. The largest radius turn has a radius of 300m, and the smallest has a radius of 40m. The track has a height variation of 12.04m, with a maximum upwards gradient of 2.8%, and a maximum downards gradient of 3.2%. The start finish line has an upwards gradient of 0.43%.

Track Records (as of the 01/00/2000):-
Motorbike: 1m 34.101s (158.690 km/h) Idalio Gavira (E) Honda - 1996
Car: 1m 15.693s (197.297 km/h) Giovanni Lavaggi (I) Kremer Porsche CK7 - 1993
Truck: 1m 54.335s (130,606 km/h) Fritz Kreutzpointner (D) MAN 18.423 - 1996