Autodromo de Monterrey
Carretera Laredo No.1008
Nuevo León

Av.Ruiz Cortinez No.620 Oriente
Central de Carga
67120 Guadalupe
Nuevo León
Tel/Fax: (018) 3450845

Altitude: 820m
Track Length: 3200m
Opening Date: April 1970

For 2001, a new street circuit was built for the Champ Car series, and this is shown below.

This track, known as Parque Fundidora, is 3.5 km and part permanent and part temporary, and is 14m wide.

Parque Fundidora
Col. Obrera C.P. 64010
Monterrey, N.L.

Tel: (01) 81 26 1000
Fax: (01) 83 44 5339