Track Length: 1.032 miles

How To Get There

From I94 W take exit 306 south (Glenview Ave/ S84th St) and follow signs for West Allis Fairground. From I894, exit at 1D to the fairground.


The oldest permanent race circuit in the world, Milwaekee held its first race on 11th September 1903. Located in the Wisconsin State Fair Park, the track has a light 9-degree banking. It has held AAA National Championship Trail races since 1939.

Used in 1959 was a 2 mile combined road/oval course, shown below.

Also located in Milwaukee was a 7.88 mile anticlockwise road course known as the Wauwatosa Circuit (to the right - the 10 mile Greenfield circuit shown on the left was proposed first, but was never used. It was located to the SW of Milwaukee). It was only used once in 1912, for the Grand Prize and Vanderbilt Cup races. The names of the streets have changed since then - North Milwaukee Avenue is now Hampton Avenue, South Fond du Lac Road is now Appleton Avenue, and North Fond du Lac Road is now Fond du Lac Avenue. The original road length was quoted as 8.2 miles, but to hold the race turns were straightened and the course was paved, hence the course length reduction.