A 6.069km Australian motorcycle track based on public roads used for the 1956 Australian Olympic TT. It was the fastest track of its day, Keith Campbell lapping the track at an average of 99.51mph/160.15kph on a 350cc Moto Guzzi on Boxing day 1956.

It was adjacent to Mildura Airport, and its main straght featured a 2km section of the main road to Adelaide. When constructing the track for the first race in December 1954, the council tarred the back roads and built a hairpin to connect the back roads to the main straight. The hairpin was called "Taylor's Mistake", after the council's foreman who built the bend 50 yards short of where it was meant to be.

The 1956 meeting was the third and final meeting. The local organising club was finding it more and more expensive to stage the events, and it didn't have any sponsorship, so rather than make a loss, they decided to longer hold the events.