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This 1.873 mile track is located in downtown Miami, and was first used for IMSA racing in 1983, although it was run for Trans-Am in 1994. In 1995 the track direction was reversed to avoid the turn 1 bottleneck, and in 1996 promotor Ralph Sanchez moved the races the newly constructed Homestead complex.

1.85 mile Miami GP Circuit. Used by IMSA from 1983 to 1985, it was located in Bayfront Park.

1.387 mile track used on the 5th October 2002 for a combined ALMS/CART meeting. The surface started to break up over the weekend, having to be re-sealed several times, and was extremely slippery. Most of the drivers complained that it was too tight and slow. Note that this version of the track used the same Biscayne Boulevard as the first track mentioned above. The following year the track was reprofiled (see below) to form a 1.150 mile circuit used on the 28th September, in an attempt to try to allay the drivers complaints - it didn't work.

This 2.17 km circuit, which also used part of Biscayne Boulevard but was otherwise completely different to all of the others, hosted a round of the Formula E championship on the 14th March 2015.