Mexico City

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Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
Magdalena Mixhuca
Delagacion Iztacalco
Mexico City

Tel: (52) 5 5748077
Fax: (52) 5 5841156

Track lengths: 1.000 miles (Oval)
               2.747 miles (GP Circuit)
               2.486 miles

In 2002, the Autodromo held a round of the US CART championship, but on a revised 2.75 mile circuit, shown left. The full peraltada corner was abbreviated, the track turning right before the start of the corner and rejoining in the middle of it.

The circuit was further revised for the return of the Mexican Grand Prix on the 1st November 2015, resulting in a 2.674 mile/4.304 km circuit.

On the 12th March 2016 this 2.092 km variant was used for a round of the Formula E championship.