Memphis International Motorsport Park

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Memphis International Motorsport Park
PO Box 280885
Memphis TN 38168-0885


Where To Stay


Memphis East KOA, I40 exit 20, 3291 Shoehorn Drive, Lakeland, TN 38002. Tel: 901 388-3053

A Hot Lap Around Memphis Park

I currently race a Honda Civic in ITC (4 speed, 4.68 final drive), so my description will reflect that. Prior to finally getting my car together, though, I worked F&C at every Memphis race except one from 1987 when it opened, until mid-1993, when the racing bug finally won out.

Start / Finish is about 1/4 mile into the front straight, so I'm in 4th gear at 90+ when I go by, this is probably your last chance this lap to check the gauges and the mirrors in the same visual sweep. Turn 1 is a lot farther away than it looks (almost 1/2 mi.) so just hammer down and keep it straight.

I tend to stay near the middle of the track at the end of the straight and brake at the last shutdown marker just enough to settle nose of the car (remember, my top speed is only 108) and lightly pitch it into this long banked right-hander . I let the car scrub speed - using the throttle mostly for steering corrections - and pull it down toward the inside until I get to the apex (which is conveniently marked with a stripe). At that point I squeeze open the throttle and left foot brake toward the patch of "new" asphalt on the outside at the exit. I let the car get just onto the new "wide spot" of pavement before going all-out down the small hill toward turn 3.

Most GT-4 and slower cars make it through 3 wide open - it just takes some practice, and no small amount of guts. After exiting 2, move far right to get the best line and stay hard in the throttle. Early apex the left-handers 3 and 4-A and stay on the power until about 100' before the FIA curbing after 4-A. Then hard brake while staying left to set up for 4-B.

4-B, C, & D is actually the second most important series of turns on the course, and exit speed is critical. Apex 4-B, the right-hander, really early and slow or you'll overshoot the deceptive 4-C. As soon as you can, ease the throttle on, steer left, and clip the center of the apex of 4-C. At this point you can pretty well straighten out 4-D and get on the power, if you did it right. And if you did, you may well be rewarded with an opportunity to pass someone down the moderate straight before the 90's.

Stay right entering the 90's and brake just about the f|ag station. Rotate the car slightly and late apex 5, a 90 degree left, then immediately early apex 6, a 90 degree right. Get back on the power early (if you have an open differential, you'll have a little problem with wheelspin) and hammer it toward 7.

Trail-brake entering 7 just enough to settle the front end.

SRF's & GP's about 1:20. ITC's usually run in the low 1:30's.

Eating and Sleeping

Hotels & Motels

Comfort Inn - 901-386-0033
Budgetel - 901-377-2233
Motel 6 - 901-382-8572
Red Roof Inn - 901-388-6111
Holiday Inn - 901-388-7050
La Quinta - 901-382-2323