Mar del Plata

A.M.A.D. Asociación Marplatense de Automovilismo Deportivo
20 de Septiembre 3361
(7200) Mar del Plata

Tel: 023 654192/3

Track Length: 2.723km/1.600km

Track Inaugaration: 20 March 1983

Mar del Plata also was used for racing in the 1940s, using street circuit variants. The topmost map of the two above was used on the 27th February 1949, and the bottom map was a 4.045 km variant used in 1948.

In 1966 and 1967, a 3.240 km circuit around the Golf Club in Mar del Plata was used. This circuit is shown above.

This variant was used for a round of the Codasur F2 series in 1985.