Manx TT

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The mountain circuit (shown above) was first used in 1908, and is 63 km long. It has been used ever since, latterly for the annual Manx TT motorbike races.

Clypse TT

This circuit was used in the 1950s, when the mountain circuit was temporarily unused.

St.John TT Circuit

This 10.5 km circuit was used in 1906, and from 1907-1910 for motorbikes.

The First Circuit

This track was first used in 1905, but it had to be shortened over time as it crossed five level crossings, and this resulted in virtually all trains on the island being halted in order to run the races. The resulting track variants progressed through one which used part of the St.John's course, up to the Mountain Circuit which was first used in 1908.