Held between 1930 and 1933, the track was situated on the narrow streets of Lwow on the Russian border. The many sharp corners caused frequent accidents, and average speeds were about 50mph.

Track Length: 1.865 miles.

Lap Record: Rudolf Caracciola (Alfa Romeo 8C "Monza"), 2m02.8, 54.674mph, 1932


Year Formula Winner                     Car                      mph
1930   FL    Henryk Liefeld             Austro-Daimler          50.530
1931   GP    Hans Stuck                 Mercedes-Benz SSK       48.308
1932   GP    Rudolf Caracciola          Alfa Romeo 8C "Monza"   53.221
1933   GP    Eugen Bjornstad            Alfa Romeo 8C "Monza"   51.123