Long Island

A flat (max gradiant of 5%) 48.656 km circuit first used on the 8th October 1904 for the Vanderbilt Cup (shown above). A 20.338 km version was used for the 1909 Indycar Championship race.

1905 Circuit.

1906 Circuit.

The Long Island Motor Parkway, the first limited access automobile toll-road, was opened in 1908, and 11 miles of it was used together with public roads to form a new 23.46 mile course for the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup. The start-finish line was located by the Grandstand. The Parkway was specifically built for the race due to a spectator fataility at Krug's Corner on Willis Avenue and Jericho Turnpike during the 1906 event. The Parkway closed in 1938 when the larger and toll-free Northern State Parkway was built, reducing business.