Long Beach

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Grand Prix Association of Long Beach
100 West Broadway
Suite 670
Long Beach
CA 90802

Tel: (1) 310 437-0341     Fax: (1) 310 436-3703

Track length: 1.586 miles

Where To Stay


Best Western, 1725 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach. Tel: 310 599-5555.

Ramada, 5325 E.Pacific Coast, Long Beach. Tel: 310 596-1341.

Howard Johnson's Plaza, 1133 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach. Tel: 310 590-8858.


After a trial F5000 race in 1975, Chris Pook ran the United States Grand Prix West in 1976 on a 2.020 mile track. For 1982 the west hairpin was bypassed and a kink was introduced on Shoreline Drive at Linden, lengthening the track to 2.130 miles. In 1983 the old start straight was abandoned, Seaside Way being used instead and the start being relocated on Shoreline Drive. The east hairpin was also shortened, and the track length reduced to 2.035 miles. In 1984 the east hairpin was severely shortened (now 1.670 miles), and in 1992 Hyatt Garage was bypassed (1.590 miles).

The race switched to Indycars in 1984, and the race has continued to flourish. However, the continual redevelopment in Long Beach has forced the gradual shortening of the course mentioned above.