Scheduled for use for the first time on Saturday 26th August 1939 for the GP Automobile de l'Exposition Internationale de l'Eau de Liège, the event only got as far as practice before the decision was taken to cancel the event. The reason was that due to the imminent risk of war, and the German border only being 40km away, the authorities feared that any resulting panic from the mobilisation being proclaimed the following day would have to heavy a consequence if a large crowd turned out.

Entrants for the race were:

Biondetti       Alfa Romeo 412 (w/o S.C.)      
Farina          Alfa Romeo 412 (w/o S.C.)
Dreyfus         Delahaye
Ralph           Delahaye
Mazaud          Delahaye
Villeneuve      Delahaye
Chinetti        Talbot
Levegh          Talbot
Monchiero       Bugatti
Trintignant     Bugatti
Lord Selsdon    Lagonda
Herculens       M.G.