Les Sables

The 2.277 km La Rudelière track was first used in 1951 around a sandy forest, the sand making the road slippery. In 1953 the track was extended to 2.980 km, becoming roughly triangular. The 1955 event was abandoned following the Le Mans tragedy, and the track itself was abandoned as a circuit after 1956 (a shorter circuit via the Rue des Roissignois might have been used in this year). The above map is based on a street map of the town.

Le Puits d'Enfer circuit was a purpose built circuit in Les Sables d'Olonne, located some 2.5 km to the south-east of the earlier track, and was used from 1959 onwards until the early 1990s. There were up to three versions used, the green loop being used from the beginning, the two blue versions definitely being used from a later date.