First used on the 24th May 1926, Langhorn, also known as the "The Big Left Turn", was built in 1925 to celebrate the Philadelphia Sesqui-Centennial celebrations, and was known as the New Philadelphia Speedway. It was built on marshland, and underground springs kept some parts of the track permanently moist and soft - cars would dig ruts in these parts of the track, and the summer sun would bake them hard. The section after the start was downhill, and was known as "Puke Hollow".

For 1951, a 1/4 mile dirt oval known as the Yellow Jacket Speedway was built within the track, followed by a 1/8 mile paved dragstrup in 1958. However, by the early 1960s, entry lists were dwindling, so in 1965 the track was paved, but this only increased the speed of what was already a lethal track. It was subsequently closed after the last meeting held on the 17th October 1971, and a shopping mall built upon it.