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First built in 1949 as a 1.55 km dirt track, the circuit is located 41 miles east of Karlstad and 144 miles west of Stockholm. It held the first Kanonloppet race on the 4th June 1950, and the second Kanonloppet in 1952 on an updated 1.6 km asphalt track. It was extended to 2.0 km in 1953 with the addition of the Tröskurvan section (known as Björkdungskurvan at the time), and in 1958 it was additionally extended to 3.172 km with the Velodromkurvan. The circuit was forced to close for two years after a crash on the 8th August 1970 during a touring car event. Two cars, a Ford Escort and a BMW 2002, locked together at the flat out right hander before the straight leading up to the "Velodromkurvan" (Velodrom Bend), and went off the track at high speed, bounced over the banking and into the crowd, killing five spectators. It was reopened and shortened to the 2.530 km/1.864 mile shown below for 1973.

1950 track.