Kansas City Speedway

Kansas City Speedway was a 1.25 mile wooden oval used between the 17th September 1922 (when Roscoe Sarles was fatally injured) and the 4th July 1924. It was built by Jack Prince and Art Pillsbury, and featured 35 degree banked bends. It cost $500,000 to build, and was located south of Kansas City at the intersection of Troost and 95th Street (Bannister Road). The site on which it was built was very swampy, so during the construction long pilings had to be sunk in, only they never touched bedrock - hence the finished track swayed slightly. The wood used though wasn't treated, so it soon started to rot. The track was removed to make way for a Pratt and Whitney aero engine factory during World War II, which in turn later made way for a factory belonging to the Bendix Company.