Kalamazoo Speedway

Phone: (616)349-3978-Track

Kalamazoo Speedway is a 3/8 mile asphalt oval.

How To Get There

Kalamazoo Speedway is located north of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Take U.S. 131 North to "D" Avenue (Exit 44) and go west to the blinking light (4-way stop) at Ravine Road. Turn left.


In 1949, Bob Kitzmiller and his fellow racers wanted a different track to race on, and Bob decided that one of his fields would be an excellent site for a new one. Driving his Mercury around the field in an oval shape, Bob used the tyre tracks to mark the track edge, and placed stakes in the tracks to again check the distance - this tyre track now marks the inside edge of the present day track.

The track was completed in 1950.