Jyllands-Ringen Motorsport A/S  FDM Jyllands-Ringen
Sandagervej 16                  Resenbro
8240 Risskov                    8600 Silkeborg
Denmark                         Denmark

Tel: (45) 40454410              Tel: (45) 86852233
                                Fax: (45) 85853686

The track was built with both a 1.056 mile and 0.916 mile (1.475 km) length, but after 1976 (approximately....) the loop was not used. However, in early February 2003 approval was given to extend the circuit to 2.500 km. This was to be done by linking an oval type circuit nearby used for driver training to the existing circuit, with construction completed by the end of August, and is shown below.