Circuito Permanente de Jerez
Carretera de Arcos, km 10
Apartado de Correos 1709

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Track Length: 2.751 miles

A slow track purpose built in 1986 to host the Spanish Grand Prix. Located six mile north-west of Jerez de la Frontera and 60 miles south of Seville, it was too far from the major cities to attract a large crowd, and after Martin Donnelly's huge crash in 1990, the grand prix moved to Barcelona.

The original circuit was 2.6209 miles long, but in 1992 the Curva Sito Pons was added, lengthening the track to 2.748 miles. The Ayrton Senna chicane was added in 1994, at the site of Donnelly's crash, in time for the 1994 European Grand Prix.