Grosse Pointe

Built between 1894-1895, Grosse Pointe was constructed as a one-mile horse track before it was razed for housing development in 1915. Banked corners were constructed to allow motor-racing, and it became the headquarters for the Detroit Driving Club.

A day of races was held on the 10th October 1901, the most famous race being that between Henry Ford and Alexander Winton. Everyone was so sure that Winton would win that race, that the cut glass punchbowl prize was chosen from one that Winton wanted. After all, Winton was in the more powerful car. However, although Winton initially led by some 200 yards, Ford started to catch up before Winton's engine started to let go. Ford thus overtook him and won the race, promptly declaring that "once is enough" when asked when he would race again.