Gransden Lodge

15th June 1946 track (dotted line), together with the rest of the aerodrome, for comparison with the 1947 version, shown below.

Used for Britain's first post-war race on the 15th June 1946, Gransden Lodge was an airfield circuit. Organised by the Cambridge University Automobile Club, two runways were used connected by perimeter roads to create a 2.23 mile/3.4 km track, although the standing start lap was 1.84 miles, as the start line and finish line were in different locations. The races in the first meeting were limited to three laps. A second meeting was held on the 13th July 1947, with the 20 lap Gransden Trophy being won by Dennis Poore in an Alfa Romeo 8C-35 at 86.3 mph. This was the last meeting to be held at the track.