Fuji International Speedway


Tel: (81) 55 0781234

Track Length: 2.777 miles

The circuit was originally planned as a 2.5 mile superspeedway with a road course and 30 degree banking, but when construction was started in 1965 the money ran out before both ends of the banking could be built. The result was a 6km road course with a massively banked curve at one end. In 1974 the direction was changed to clockwise, and a new downhill right first corner (Daiichi Turn) was constructed to bypass the banking. When Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari somersaulted into a prohibited are killing a marshal and spectator in 1977, the F1 circus left not to return.

Circuit changes:-
1965 - Original circuit with banking, 3.728 miles.
1975 - Banking bypassed, 2.709 miles.
1983 - 2.7067 miles.
1984 - 2.7404 miles.
1986 - Chicane built in last corner, 2.759 miles.
1993 - Second chicane built. 2.777 miles.

The circuit was purchased by Toyota, and for 2002 the circuit was due to undergo a revamp and rebuild, the new design being done by Hermann Tilke. The plans for the 4549.9m circuit are shown below.