Hillclimbs of France


2.1 km circuit, 16 km from Sarrebourg. Used in 2005.


Used 1928-1954, near Le Châtre.


A 2.900 km climb located 46 km from Avignon. Used since 1970.

Ballon d'Alsace

8.85 km hillclimb, located 25 km north of Belfort. It follows the D465 from Giromagny.

Banville Garage

Used once in 1927 for a hillclimb held within the Banville Garage, a new multistorey garage at the end of the Rue Théodore de Banville in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. The Banville garage was completed at the beginning of 1917, and it had six floors linked by a curling ramp, with an exhibition hall and car showroom on the ground floor, and a putting green, three indoor tennis courts, a gymnasium and a restaurant on the sixth floor. To advertise the new building, Robert Benoist, the sales manager, organised the climb over the 600m course with 15 cars taking part. A section of the course ran across the roof, and the walls were lined with sandbags. Times were not recorded to try and prevent things getting too competitive, as it was a long drop from the roof to the street below.

Beaujolais Villages

A 3.60 km climb near Marchampt, used since 1961.

Boulogne-Mont Lambert

A 600m course which was also incorporated into Boulogne circuit. It was used in the 1920s.


A 4.8 km climb, located 30 km from Grenoble. Used in 2005.


2.18 km course used from 1974, located in the Auvergne.


Near Carpentras. 1500m long. Used in 1926.

Côte de Griffoulet

1 km long, near Toulouse. Used in 1920s & 1930s.

La Broque

A 2.447 km climb 33km west of Strasbourg. Used since 1997.

Côte de La Pommeraye

A 2.5 km climb 40 km west from Angers, used since 1964.

La Turbie

First used in 1897 as a 17.0 km hillclimb, the above maps show the course from 1899 when it was 16.19 km long. The full 17.0 km was used in 1900, and a 15.5 km variant from 1901-1903. A 9.0 km climb was held after some years in 1909, but it does not seem to have been used thereafter.


Located 13 km from Lyon, Limonest has been used since 1905. A 3.740 km climb was used in 1913, but this was reduced to 2.7 km by 2005.

Mont Dore

A 5 km climb located 43 km from Clermont-Ferrand. Used in 2005.

Mont Ventoux

21.60 km climb first used in 1902. Located north-east of Avignon, the climb rises through 296m to a total height of 1.895 km.


1 km. Used in 1920s.

Col de Peyresourde

13 km. Starts at Luchon. Used in 1920s & 1930s.


Near Toulon. Used in 1926.

Saint Maurice-Le Ballon

Used in the 1970s, it follows the D465 from St Maurice s. Moselle up the Ballon d'Alsace.

Col Saint Pierre

A 5.28 km course, situated 28 km from Ales.

Côte de Sewen

Hillclimb also situated on the Ballon d'Alsace, but climbs up it by a different route (the D466) which passes by Sewen Lake.


A 5.95 km climb. Used in 2005.

Vuillafans Echevannes

4.80 km climb used since 1963.


A 1.000 km course near Boulogne. First used on the 9th September 1927.